User guide

1)You can change it by logging in to your My Page.
You can check your name, address, purchase history and so on.

2)Sakura super point
If you purchase with "Sakura", you can earn points!
That point can be used at next purchase.
1 point = 1 yen, shopping is advantageous with "Sakura"

3)What is My Recently Viewed Products?
Display products you saw recently in an easy-to-understand manner.

4)How can I unsubscribe?
You can withdraw from your My Page.
Withdrawal from membership, the following authority will be lost.
1. Shopping at "Sakura"
2. "Sakura Super Point" Revoked
3. Purchase history information

5)What is Sakura ID?
It is necessary ID when shopping at "Sakura".
You will be able to do the following things.
1. Shopping at "Sakura"
2. View purchase history
3. Register address etc.
4. Using "Sakura Super Point"
You can get a Sakura ID by creating an account here.

6)How can I print a receipt for my order?
The receipt of the item you purchased can be seen from My page.
You can log in to My Page and get a receipt from your order history.
Login from here.

7)How do I create a Sakura Account?
"Sakura" is a service that you can register for free.
If you get high-quality Japanese items, first register as "Sakura"!
You can start shopping right away.
1. New registration from here
2. Register your name and address
※ You can change it later.
3. Shopping start!

8)What if I forgot my Sakura Account’s password?
If you forget your password, please contact us from the bottom of the login page.
Login page from here.

9)How do I change my Sakura password?
You can change your password from My Page.
Please enter the current password and set a new password.

10)How can I see My Orders?
You can check your order history from My Page.
We will contact you shipping items individually.
We will send you the tracking number, so please check with each company.

11)I want to contact the shop.
1. Click "Ask about products" on the product page
2. Inquiries from mail form
I will contact you from the shop.
If there is no contact from the shop, please contact "Sakura".
For inquiries to "Sakura" from here.

12)How can I print a receipt for my order?
The receipt of the item you purchased can be seen from My page.
You can log in to My Page and get a receipt from your order history.
Login from here.

13)What are my payment options?
Currently, the following payment methods are possible.
1. Credit Cards
(VISA, Master, JCB, AMEX, Diners)
2. Sakura Super Point
Can be used in combination.

14)Can I change the billing address after placing an order?
The address of the invoice can not be changed.
Since it can be changed if it is before purchase, please confirm.
If you really want to change, please contact us from here.
※ Please be sure to mention the order number.

15)Will I be charged tax and how much?
The consumption tax is tax-exempt.
It is not included in the product price.
The tariff rate will change depending on the country you live in.
If you want to know more, please check with your local customs agency before purchase.
Regarding tariffs, it will be your responsibility.

16)I want a product quote
I'm sorry, I can not.
Because of the price the shop enterprises have decided, it is not possible to change the amount presented.

17)Can I change my address after ordering?
If you have not shipped the item, you may be able to change it.
Because correspondence is different depending on the store, try to contact the store from the purchase page.
When making inquiries, please put an order number so that you can understand immediately which order you are shop.
Please check firmly before purchase.

18)About search method of goods
1. When searching for products, please enter the name of the product you want for the search banner.
The corresponding item is displayed in the list.
2. From the left category, you can find the product by narrowing down the genre of the product you want.

19)I want to know detailed information on goods
If you want to know more detailed information about the product, please contact the seller from "Inquiries" on the product page.

20)About Sakura Super Point
When you shop at Sakura, points accumulate!
That point is an excellent one that can be used as 1 point = 1 yen!
Points accumulated in shopping can be used at the next purchase.
If you withdraw from Sakura, points will be discarded.
You can not transfer points.
Points can not be converted into cash.

21)What if I do not have parts?
If parts ordered are not included, please contact the seller.
The distributor may be able to procure parts that were missing from the manufacturer.
Please contact the seller once than contact the manufacturer directly.

22)How can privacy be protected?
Sakura gives priority to your privacy.
For details, please check the privacy policy.

23)What are cookies and how do I enable them?
What are cookies?
Cookies are tiny text files stored on your computer when you visit certain Web pages. They cannot harm your computer, and do not contain any personal or private information.
To shop with Sakura, you need to have all cookies enabled, as they remember you when you return to our stores and keep track of what you have in your basket.
How do I enable cookies?
Cookies are managed by your Web browser. Please select the browser below for more information about how to enable cookies:
Internet Explorer
For all other browsers, please consult your documentation or online help files.

24)How can I track items?
We will send you tracking number to the e-mail address when we registered as a member.
It may take a while before tracking number is reflected.

25)When will you ship items when you place an order?
The shipping timing varies depending on each shop.
If you want to know the situation, please contact the shop directly.
If the tracking number is sent by e-mail, the item is shipped from the shop.

26)Can I provide special delivery instructions for my order?
Sakura does not have an option for customers to include special instructions for delivery at this time.

27)Can items shipped on the site be shipped to the USA?
It depends on the product.
Because it is also different depending on the country of residence, if you are unclear at the time of purchase, please refer to state HP etc.

28)Does the weather in winter delay my order?
Yes. There are areas where the influence of snow comes out.
There may be a delay in the package delivered to the area.
If you have already shipped, please contact the shipping company directly with the tracking number.

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